How to get things done started

Before getting started, let me introduce myself. I’m Tom, live in Belgium, work in Ghent as Service Manager in a company which provides Cloud and Hosting services. I try to be an early adopter so I really like testing new software, tools, gadgets,.. The main requirement of those tools is giving an added value to my work/life balance. If they helps me to work in a more structural way, they are nice to have.

During the last couple of years, I tried to optimize the way of working/my schedule by using task-software as 2Do, OneNote, 24Me, iOS tasks, Outlook,… Did I find the optimal way of working? No! But it helps me to survive busy periods and prioritize.

In this blog, I will try to give some tips and tricks to reduce overhead and get an overview. The main purpose is to work efficient and reduce stress.

If I can help 1 person with this blog, then I have achieved my goal.



Note: Feel free to give feedback about experiences!